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23 May: Grading

My spouse (who teaches music history): "I need to find a postal meter so I can grade my papers."

13 May: Always Proof-read

Autocorrect Saga: Episode #1 I was sending a message of gratitude to an acquaintance this evening and my phone auto-corrected the word "Wunderbar!" to "Underwear!" I'm sure glad I read the message before I hit 'send.'

25 April: Move Over Conway Twitty

I almost choked and died today. As I was eating my lunch, Emily was testing out popular styles to find the best option for singing Samuel Barber's "O Boundless Boundless Evening." I was doing okay until she landed on hardcore... Continue Reading →

23 April: AWOL Hubby

Lynn household banter: Robert: "What is it with cats? They crawl onto your lap and slap at you when they want to be petted or get a belly rub. And what do we do? We pet them - after they... Continue Reading →

23 April: Post Vax Update

Wow. Post vax update: I was feeling okay-ish yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours, but then got slammed pretty hard for round two of chills, fever, and noodle-legs. Went home, took Ibuprofen, and crashed. That was around 8 pm... Continue Reading →

22 April: Practice Makes Perfect

PRACTICE FOR YOUR NEXT DRIVE-THRU VISIT! My spouse hates pickles. So, whenever he orders a burger, he either says "Ketchup and mustard only" or "no pickles." Simple right? Wrong. Nine times out of every 10, he ends up with mustard... Continue Reading →

11 April: Checklist

If anyone needs help forgetting stuff today, let me know. I can help. I am a pro. mask office keys scores reading glasses lunch deodorant phone umbrella brain

29 March: Test Drive

Bethany got new shoes yesterday and was so excited, she literally test drove them (walking the floor), until 4 a.m. This is life with autism, people. Sometimes ya just gotta say "Screw it. We're sleepin' in."

18 March: Maestra Ms. Clairol

It always astounds me that people take time from their busy lives to send me kind words about a performance I've conducted. What astounds me even more is the high percentage of those that comment specifically on my bouncy hair... Continue Reading →

15 March: To Wit or Not to Wit

This morning's Lynn kitchen banter. Me: "Hey, my vaccine is next week!" Robert: "Is that a TV show?" Me: "My my, we are witty today, aren't we?" Robert: (hands me his coat) "Would you hold this for a second?" Me:... Continue Reading →

12 March: When the Chips are Down

This morning's Lynn household banter Robert: (walking through the living room) "There's a potato chip on the floor." Me: "Well, you know what they say: 'When the chips are down...'" Robert: "When the chips are down, it's time to clean... Continue Reading →

11 March: Knock Knock!

Autistic people sometimes get "stuck" on an idea for months at a time. This can become exhausting for friends and family, but it can also result in some amusing situations. For some reason, I was reminded this morning of Bethany's... Continue Reading →

28 February: Schprechen zie What?

Emily: (practicing some really high fast crazy syllabic Schubert Lieder) "Das lthfgrschdtzung...." ( get the idea...) Bethany: (joining in song) "Oo Ee Oo Ah Ah, Ting Tang Walla-Walla Bing Bang!" Emily: (cracking up) "Me too, Beth. Me too!"

24 February: Cradle Robber

My spouse just informed me that I'll be in the next Covid vaccine age group! Of course, he also snarkily informed me that he will be too young for that group and will have to wait at least one more... Continue Reading →

19 February: Taco Mom

Me: Weren't those pork chops great? Bethany: Yeah! They were big and juicy! Me: Dad sure does make a good pork chop. Bethany: Don't be silly. Dad's not a pork chop. He's a human. Me: Well, that's true. I stand... Continue Reading →

12 February: Thank You Captain Obvious

Bethany: "Emily's lungs get really loud when she sings like an opera singer."  

12 February: In Memoriam, Jody Nagel

Remembering my friend Jody Nagel (1960-2021) with a goofy story which also involved Vaughn Bryner: Vaughn and I were students in Jody's Finale Notation program class for grad students at Ball State University the semester I was pregnant with my... Continue Reading →

7 February: He’s a Charmer

Laundry Day at the Lynn House: As I was carrying my full basket of laundry upstairs, I nearly tripped over Robert's full basket of laundry on the landing. Me: "What the heck, buddy! You tryna kill me with this pile... Continue Reading →

25 January: Are You Talkin’ To Me?

After working all weekend, I decided not to go to my office today. My afternoon went like this -- Robert: "You can't sit there. Move!" "Don't be an asshole." "I need to put my arm there." "I can't pet you... Continue Reading →

24 January: It’s Shakespeare Day!

How's your day going? Be creative. Answer either in a Shakespearian or King James Scriptural manner. I'll start: Whereupon I devoured a considerable helping of microwavable chimichangas at luncheon, I seem lacking in my ability to stave off those drooping... Continue Reading →

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