I took on this fascinating project during the spring and summer of 2016: arranging and orchestrating a Wabash County specific musical by Susie Jones (a retired elementary music teacher in our area).  This true story was about Wabash Indiana becoming the first electrically lighted city in the world (yes, even before Paris)!  I also ended up taking on the role of music director and conductor when the person who was originally going to do it encountered health problems. It was a big, exhausting undertaking, but the directors and cast members were a pure joy.  I learned a lot from the experience and made some new friends, too!

First blocking rehearsal for “Light Up the Town.”
The lower right corner of this photo shows the kind of hours I was pulling to finish up the arrangements and orchestrations for “Light Up the Town.”
The terrific pit orchestra for Susie Jones’ musical “Light Up the Town.” These people played my arrangements very well, and we had a lot of fun in the process!