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June 2023

7 June: Onomatopoeia much?

Background: I basically have no aural filters, so all sounds hit me with equal impact. I've learned to never assume others hear or understand what I hear. Robert is aware of my sensitivity to noise and tries to anticipate and... Continue Reading →

17 May: Dropping the 7th Veil

Background: "Schemselnihar" is a ballet the MSO performed last weekend. The title is the name of the female love interest in a tragic tale from the Arabian Nights. Me: I keep hearing flashes of Schemselnihar in my head. Robert: I... Continue Reading →

16 May: Unprepared Piano

Me: When are you on campus for juries and finals this week? Robert: Never. I don't have any juries and my only remaining exam is online. What about you? Me: I have juries most of the day Wednesday, but I... Continue Reading →

8 May: Happy Coronation Day

Banter with my Favorite Drummer after I sent him this meme: SC: I would have figured him for an Orthodox grip kind of guy! Me: Right?! Then he could take his own eye out and whack the bishop in the... Continue Reading →

21 April: Who’s Line is it Anyway?

Robert loves war movies and documentaries, and I think Bethany must have watched a few with him lately. This was our conversation Friday evening. Me: Say Beth, can you slip your shoes on and run this trash out to the... Continue Reading →

14 April: Dairy Dysfunction

That moment when you're staring into the fridge wondering what jerk ate all the Baby Bell cheese, only to remember it was actually you. *sigh*

11 April: PSA

Dear Lynn Kitty-Cats, I'm not sure why this has never occurred to you, but hockey-pucking my glasses around the house while I sleep will not get you fed any faster. In fact, crawling around on my hands and knees with... Continue Reading →

29 March: Burnin’ Down the House — or not

Fact #1 : In our house, (even when all the kids are home) I'm the one most likely to turn on the wrong burner while cooking and not realize my error; placing us all in mortal danger. Fact #2 :... Continue Reading →

28 March: North Manny Celebrities

Robert: Mary [name changed to protect the innocent] referred to us as Wabash County Royalty the other day. Me: Interesting. Someone told me about a month ago that we are like rock stars in North Manchester. Robert: What? Me??? A... Continue Reading →

21 March: A Little Help from my Friend

Sometimes, it's the little things that matter most. After a late night of composing and score study, I closed an early morning e-mail today with "See you for our 9:30 meeting." Thank you, Julie for responding with "That meeting is... Continue Reading →

20 March: Thus Spake Zarathrusta?

Robert texted this to me from a waiting area at somebody's office: "There's a TV running here and I just saw an ad for Viagra underscored with Also Sprach Zarathustra. I love great art." Lordy. Richard Strauss is gonna be... Continue Reading →

8 March: Silence really IS golden

Watching a TV series re-run episode. Me: Wow, I can tell when that show was popular after the first two notes in the opening music. Robert: Yeah, those were the good old days. There's never been a better theme song... Continue Reading →

4 March: Waiting…

My phone when Robert picks me up from work and ends up waiting in the car for 3 minutes.

3 March: Offensive Drivers Unite!

Robert and I were in the car at a four-way stop. The other car was slow to move when it was their turn. Me: He who hesitates is lost. Robert: That's not good in traffic. I think you meant "he... Continue Reading →

2 March: Chicken or Egg?

Last night I dreamed that my left ankle was handcuffed to a chair leg so I was forced to drag this stupid piece of furniture around with me everywhere I went. When I woke up, my left foot was all... Continue Reading →

24 February: iTunes Shuffle Gremlins

Since I direct theatrical productions from time to time, I have hundreds of sound effects stored on my computer. They typically stay tucked away in their own little folder, but somehow they managed to escape into my iTunes shuffle today... Continue Reading →

7 February: Channeling Peter Finch

Robert: I'm going upstairs and I'm not coming back down until the world is a better place. Me: ...  

26 January: Roll Over Beethoven

Me: (zipping up my coat) Okay, I'm ready to go. Robert: (jingling the car keys) Let's Boogie. Me: You Boogie-ing is something I would pay a lot of money to witness. Robert: Oh, really? Me: Fire up the disco ball,... Continue Reading →

26 December: Cagey Christmas

Me: (cutting up a salad) Robert: I think I want to take you out. Me: Uhhh... do you mean for lunch, or are you planning to kill me? Robert: I haven't decided yet.

22 December: Swear for speedy service

Robert: What are you doing?   Me (sitting in dining room): I'm on hold with the insurance company about that EOB they sent us. Would you like to take a turn?   Robert: I would, but you are much better... Continue Reading →

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