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Debra Lynn's Compositional Journey


January 2022


Maurice Ravel (1875-1937) The only love affair I have ever had was with music. You might lose your spontaneity and, instead of composing first-rate Gershwin, end up with second-rate Ravel. (to George Gershwin when declining to instruct him in composition)... Continue Reading →

28 December: Bullseye Legacy

I am a Driskell, which means throwing garbage into its designated receptacle is always done from where you are at the time the item becomes disposable. One does not approach said receptacle. Oh no! If you are a football field... Continue Reading →

12 December: Long Day at the Office

Text message thread between me and my daughter Emily. Me: We start three days of juries tomorrow. Fun times! It's better than grading papers... mayyyybe. Although, I can grade papers in my pajamas, so there's that. Emily: Truuuue. And you... Continue Reading →

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