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Confessions of a Synesthete

7 July 2020 Yes, I have synesthesia: a neurological condition in which stimuli experienced in one sensory pathway (such as sight) triggers an involuntary response through a different cognitive or sensory pathway (such as sound or smell). More specifically, I... Continue Reading →

In Memoriam: Krzysztof Penderecki (1933-2020)

2 May 2020 On March 29, 2020 Krzysztof Penderecki passed away. I am not exaggerating when I say this man was like the Beethoven of the 20th century. He broke all the rules and forced us to consider all sound... Continue Reading →

Ode to Remote Music Students

27 April 2020 I created this little video (under 10 mins - linked below) in honor of College and University Music Students everywhere who are trying to prepare for upcoming remote juries courtesy of Coronavirus. These are strange times indeed... Continue Reading →

Beethoven: Messe in C opus 86

22 April 2020 December of this year marks the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth. Conductors all over the world have programmed his works for their 2020 concerts. My colleague Scott Humphries and I were planning an all Beethoven concert with... Continue Reading →

Interviewing Stewart Copeland

30 March 2020 I had the very great honor of interviewing Stewart Copeland (founder and drummer of The Police), prolific American composer of film and video game music, and also operas, ballets, and orchestral works. He was on the MU... Continue Reading →

Stewart Copeland: Inspiring Composer

UPDATE: 20 February 2021 -- I wrote the blog post below in anticipation of meeting Stewart Copeland back in early 2020 (just before the pandemic). A year later, it's interesting to look back on this article. I was expecting that encounter... Continue Reading →

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