• “Debra’s music balances the beauty of melodic line and solid harmonic architecture to serve one purpose: story-telling. Her music is always expressive, whether tonal or more angular.” Daniel Belcher, Grammy-winning operatic baritone
  • “Debra, your heart can sing! Your [compositional] voice brings mood changes and smooth meter transitions punching out layers of meaning, all while dancing around cheerfully in your wry Americana style.”  Stewart Copeland, composer and drummer of The Police.
  • “Debra Lynn’s music demonstrates not only technical mastery, but also an emotional message. She has a special power to stir our feelings. Some composers’ music shows skill, but leaves us cold. Debra really has something to say. There is interest, and heart too.” George Donner, oboist
  • “Debra Lynn is a force of nature! A force, I tell you!” Nathan Granner, tenor
  • “Debra Lynn: a rich interplay of talent, fire, laughter, technique, sensitivity, patience, ambition, equality, sleep deprivation, and more than anything else, love.” James Hutchings, conductor
  • “Debra Lynn’s music is very playable, but not without some challenges! I do enjoy her musical style. I especially like when Debra’s sense of humor peeks through; sometimes with nothing more than the ‘Ting!’ of a triangle placed at just the right moment.” Linda Kummernuss, violinist
  • “Debra’s orchestrations and arrangements of my Caribbean songs are absolutely wonderful, skillfully conveying the sheets of rain that sweep over the Santa Cruz Valley in Trinidad. The addition of chorus is a beautiful touch. There are lovely plays of colour between the brass and the winds, too. Her interplay of guitars and marimba works very well, all held firmly in place by the strings. It feels substantial without being heavy.” Dominique Le Gendre, composer
  • “I do not have the words to describe what a pleasure it is to be in collaboration with Dr. Lynn. Her music is modern, tasteful, and wonderful to listen to, and she also understands the unique requirements of the dance medium, thus making her compositions a perfect match for movement. Audience reviews of our collaborations together are always positive, and the community looks forward to seeing more MDT projects with Dr. Lynn, and so do we!” David Mikautadze, music director of Mikautadze Dance Theatre
  • “I have had many opportunities to perform Debra’s works and it is always a privilege. These range from small chamber works, choral compositions with string obligato, to works for full orchestra and chorus. One of the best things about Debra is that she is always ready to compose for any occasion, and any organization.” Elizabeth Smith, violinist and concertmaster of Manchester Symphony Orchestra

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