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Debra Lynn's Compositional Journey



Waxing Philosophical

Tidbits about composing and performing from Debra's interviews and articles. A composer's best friend is their eraser. Some people believe The Arts are dying, but if history truly repeats itself, they just need a little time to recover and grow... Continue Reading →


The photo above is Debra's 2021 Advanced Conducting Class parodying all the ridiculous conductor headshots they've seen in printed programs. (What d'ya do with a baton, after all?) Debra started making memes for her conducting classes years ago. Here are... Continue Reading →

Pithy Proffing

Rehearsal and voice lesson quotes compiled by Debra's students - also quotes found penciled in the margins of choir music returned at the end of the semester. Rational thinking? Not so much. Creative thinking? We've got this! Perspective changes everything.... Continue Reading →

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