For SATB chorus, clarinet, and piano

This setting of Emily Dickinson‘s poem is dedicated to graduating seniors at Manchester University (and really everywhere).  At MU, our senior musicians sing this together during Baccalaureate each year.

I could not prove the Years had feet—
Yet confident they run
Am I, from symptoms that are past
And Series that are done—

I find my feet have further Goals—
I smile upon the Aims
That felt so ample—Yesterday—
Today’s—have vaster claims—

I do not doubt the self I was
Was competent to me—
But something awkward in the fit—
Proves that—outgrown—I see—

Emily Dickinson

Lila Hammer, clarinet

Pamela Haynes, piano

Haley Neilson, recording engineer (Summer 2017)

Recorded at Wine Recital Hall, Manchester University

North Manchester, Indiana