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Debra Lynn's Compositional Journey


October 2021

31 October: Domesticity Gone Awry

Robert: (loading the dishwasher) I knew I should've done this yesterday. I can't fit everything in here now. (Frustrated there's no spot for one last plate) Me: Just put that one behind the other plates. Robert: I can't do that!... Continue Reading →

19 October: The End

If you know me, you know I hate the F-bomb and almost never use it, unless I'm pretty upset. If you know my spousal unit, you know he is a very mild-mannered and quiet person who occasionally chortles under his... Continue Reading →

Interviews & Press Releases

Television, Radio, and Podcast Guest Appearances "ABC News" Channel 21 Ft. Wayne (3 May, 2022) about preparing to perform "A Family Portrait" at Carnegie Hall "Third Gear Scratch" Podcast Interview (27 March, 2022) Allen Epley, frontman for Chicago-based rock band... Continue Reading →

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