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October 2021

31 October: Domesticity Gone Awry

Robert: (loading the dishwasher) I knew I should've done this yesterday. I can't fit everything in here now. (Frustrated there's no spot for one last plate) Me: Just put that one behind the other plates. Robert: I can't do that!... Continue Reading →

19 October: The End

Lynn household weirdness, episode 5,792. (The "Sorry, I know it's been a while" edition)   If you know me, you know I hate the F-bomb and almost never use it, unless I'm pretty upset. If you know my spousal unit,... Continue Reading →

Interviews & Press Releases

Television Appearances "PrimeTime 39" Interview (22 October, 2021) about the collegiate premiere of Stewart Copeland's sci-fi opera "The Invention of Morel" -- 28 mins "Prime Time 39" Interview (13 October, 2017) about the Indiana premiere of "A Family Portrait" --... Continue Reading →

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