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Beginning a New Renaissance

Below is a statement I prepared and read to our MSO audience at our December 11 (2022) concert, featuring John Rutter's "Gloria." This was in response to various arts and humanities programs being cut at MU and other universities in... Continue Reading →

#4 Is Bondage Biblical?

I almost never take medication. I have always been one of those "walk it off" types since I was a little kid. It probably comes from being a tomboy raised in a long line of athletes. Anyway, one winter, when... Continue Reading →


William Grant Still (1895-1978) I don't think that it is good for the world of music to have everything come out of the same mold. God didn't place only roses on earth, or only lilies or only violets. He put... Continue Reading →


Maurice Ravel (1875-1937) The only love affair I have ever had was with music. You might lose your spontaneity and, instead of composing first-rate Gershwin, end up with second-rate Ravel. (to George Gershwin when declining to instruct him in composition)... Continue Reading →

28 December: Bullseye Legacy

I am a Driskell, which means throwing garbage into its designated receptacle is always done from where you are at the time the item becomes disposable. One does not approach said receptacle. Oh no! If you are a football field... Continue Reading →

12 December: Long Day at the Office

Text message thread between me and my daughter Emily. Me: We start three days of juries tomorrow. Fun times! It's better than grading papers... mayyyybe. Although, I can grade papers in my pajamas, so there's that. Emily: Truuuue. And you... Continue Reading →

24 November: To Be Continued…

Lynn household weirdness post #7,349.   Me: (starts telling a story to Robert, but falls asleep mid-sentence)   Me: (two hours later, waking up from nap) "...and then..." (continues story from the exact point where snoring began earlier)   Robert:... Continue Reading →

Bach = Daily Musical Vitamin

23 November, 2021 In my naive undergrad years, I was flustered when my professors required me to play and sing Bach's music. I remember my little Romantic-era-loving self making the ignorant statement to Dean Wilder (my voice teacher) waaaaay back... Continue Reading →

31 October: Domesticity Gone Awry

Robert: (loading the dishwasher) I knew I should've done this yesterday. I can't fit everything in here now. (Frustrated there's no spot for one last plate) Me: Just put that one behind the other plates. Robert: I can't do that!... Continue Reading →

19 October: The End

Lynn household weirdness, episode 5,792. (The "Sorry, I know it's been a while" edition)   If you know me, you know I hate the F-bomb and almost never use it, unless I'm pretty upset. If you know my spousal unit,... Continue Reading →

Interviews & Press Releases

Television, Radio, and Podcast Guest Appearances "ABC News" Channel 21 Ft. Wayne (3 May, 2022) about preparing to perform "A Family Portrait" at Carnegie Hall "Third Gear Scratch" Podcast Interview (27 March, 2022) Allen Epley, frontman for Chicago-based rock band... Continue Reading →

16 September: TV Appetizer

My spouse has decided to invest some free time each day into a new television series called Chicago Med. The very few random times I'm actually home for a meal also happen to line up perfectly with Robert's intake of... Continue Reading →

4 September: Poetic Justice

When people are being loud and obnoxious outside your window and it suddenly begins raining really hard.

31 August: Thus Spake the Robert

Lynn Household Banter: episode 4,786. This story requires a preface. I struggle with several spatially related issues, one of which includes having absolutely no sense which tupperware lid fits what container. It's a source of great delight for Robert who... Continue Reading →

30 August: Tornado Perks

Happiness is when the tornado siren lands in the same key as the orchestral score you're studying. How did Respighi know all those years ago????

17 August: Border Patrol

Robert: (Crossing the eastern Missouri border) Illinois, a pretty smart state in spite of being smack in the middle of the midwest. Now that's one heck-uv-ah slogan.

6 August: Sportscast

I have just decided that working on your retirement plan should be an Olympic event.

26 July: The Writing Thing

More Lynn household banter/mockery. Me: (totes in stressed out composer mode because I have to jot down an idea before it disappears from my brain- yes, this is my daily life) Hey...hand me one of those...y' of those...(still can't conjure... Continue Reading →

2 July: Those Donuts, Tho…

My normally quiet, understated spouse suddenly began a lengthy monologue about Concannon's marvelous donuts in Muncie, Indiana. With zero argument or prompting from me, his voice went into molto crescendo apassionato as he became more and more vocally and gesturally... Continue Reading →

1 July: Sticky Note Addict

Lynn spousal banter - Robert: (gazing at my desk in amazement) "It's a good thing you didn't become a surgeon." Me: "Pray tell, why my love?" Robert: "There'd be body parts everywhere with sticky-notes on them - 'Fred Johnson's spleen,'... Continue Reading →

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