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10 October: Boulder Holder Banter

Robert: We hardly ever locked the house when the kids were running in different directions. The door was always open at the Lynn house and everybody in town knew it. Me: I know! It's a wonder we were never burgled.... Continue Reading →

9 August: Sarcastic Nutrition

Me: (carrying in groceries -- third trip from the car) Bethany: (standing in the kitchen) Can I help carry the groceries? Me: (huffing and puffing) Actually, that was the last load. Bethany: (folding her arms and tapping her toe) Me:... Continue Reading →

8 August: Happy Anniversary (via text)

As I was leaving for my office, I told Robert to text me if he wanted anything from the store. Two hours later -- I'm deep into composer mode. Robert: Bethany would probably like some banquet chicken tenders if they... Continue Reading →

21 July: Hyper-Allergenic Chores

Background: Since Bethany was a little kid, she has claimed to be allergic to anything she doesn't want to do. This morning -- Me: (has a major sneezing fit while doing laundry) Bethany: Gasundheit! Me: (has another major sneezing fit... Continue Reading →

20 June: Keeping the Mystery Alive, Baby

There's a whiteboard in our kitchen that everyone adds to bit by bit -- including the cats, on occasion. Reminder, grocery shopping is new to me -- and I hate it. Nothing makes me feel less competent than the produce... Continue Reading →

7 June: Onomatopoeia much?

Background: I basically have no aural filters, so all sounds hit me with equal impact. I've learned to never assume others hear or understand what I hear. Robert is aware of my sensitivity to noise and tries to anticipate and... Continue Reading →

17 May: Dropping the 7th Veil

Background: "Schemselnihar" is a ballet the MSO performed last weekend. The title is the name of the female love interest in a tragic tale from the Arabian Nights. Me: I keep hearing flashes of Schemselnihar in my head. Robert: I... Continue Reading →

16 May: Unprepared Piano

Me: When are you on campus for juries and finals this week? Robert: Never. I don't have any juries and my only remaining exam is online. What about you? Me: I have juries most of the day Wednesday, but I... Continue Reading →

8 May: Happy Coronation Day

Banter with my Favorite Drummer after I sent him this meme: SC: I would have figured him for an Orthodox grip kind of guy! Me: Right?! Then he could take his own eye out and whack the bishop in the... Continue Reading →

21 April: Who’s Line is it Anyway?

Robert loves war movies and documentaries, and I think Bethany must have watched a few with him lately. This was our conversation Friday evening. Me: Say Beth, can you slip your shoes on and run this trash out to the... Continue Reading →

14 April: Dairy Dysfunction

That moment when you're staring into the fridge wondering what jerk ate all the Baby Bell cheese, only to remember it was actually you. *sigh*

11 April: PSA

Dear Lynn Kitty-Cats, I'm not sure why this has never occurred to you, but hockey-pucking my glasses around the house while I sleep will not get you fed any faster. In fact, crawling around on my hands and knees with... Continue Reading →

29 March: Burnin’ Down the House — or not

Fact #1 : In our house, (even when all the kids are home) I'm the one most likely to turn on the wrong burner while cooking and not realize my error; placing us all in mortal danger. Fact #2 :... Continue Reading →

28 March: North Manny Celebrities

Robert: Mary [name changed to protect the innocent] referred to us as Wabash County Royalty the other day. Me: Interesting. Someone told me about a month ago that we are like rock stars in North Manchester. Robert: What? Me??? A... Continue Reading →

21 March: A Little Help from my Friend

Sometimes, it's the little things that matter most. After a late night of composing and score study, I closed an early morning e-mail today with "See you for our 9:30 meeting." Thank you, Julie for responding with "That meeting is... Continue Reading →

20 March: Thus Spake Zarathrusta?

Robert texted this to me from a waiting area at somebody's office: "There's a TV running here and I just saw an ad for Viagra underscored with Also Sprach Zarathustra. I love great art." Lordy. Richard Strauss is gonna be... Continue Reading →

8 March: Silence really IS golden

Watching a TV series re-run episode. Me: Wow, I can tell when that show was popular after the first two notes in the opening music. Robert: Yeah, those were the good old days. There's never been a better theme song... Continue Reading →

4 March: Waiting…

My phone when Robert picks me up from work and ends up waiting in the car for 3 minutes.

3 March: Offensive Drivers Unite!

Robert and I were in the car at a four-way stop. The other car was slow to move when it was their turn. Me: He who hesitates is lost. Robert: That's not good in traffic. I think you meant "he... Continue Reading →

2 March: Chicken or Egg?

Last night I dreamed that my left ankle was handcuffed to a chair leg so I was forced to drag this stupid piece of furniture around with me everywhere I went. When I woke up, my left foot was all... Continue Reading →

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