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September 2021

16 September: TV Appetizer

My spouse has decided to invest some free time each day into a new television series called Chicago Med. The very few random times I'm actually home for a meal also happen to line up perfectly with Robert's intake of... Continue Reading →

4 September: Poetic Justice

When drunk college students are being loud and obnoxious outside your window and it suddenly begins raining really hard.

31 August: Thus Spake the Robert

Preface: I struggle with several spatially related issues, one of which includes having absolutely no sense regarding which Tupperware lid fits what container. It's a source of great delight for Robert who runs toward the kitchen every time he hears... Continue Reading →

30 August: Tornado Perks

Happiness is when the tornado siren lands in the same key as the orchestral score you're studying. How did Respighi know all those years ago????

17 August: Border Patrol

Robert: (Crossing the eastern Missouri border) Illinois, a pretty smart state in spite of being smack in the middle of the midwest. Now that's one heck-uv-ah slogan.

6 August: Sportscast

I have just decided that working on your retirement plan should be an Olympic event.

26 July: The Writing Thing

More Lynn household banter/mockery. Me: (totes in stressed-out composer mode because I have to jot down an idea before it disappears from my brain - yes, this is my daily life) Hey...hand me one of those...y' of those...(still can't conjure... Continue Reading →

2 July: Those Donuts, Tho…

My normally quiet, understated spouse suddenly began a lengthy monologue about Concannon's marvelous donuts in Muncie, Indiana. With zero arguments or prompting from me, his voice went into molto crescendo apassionato as he became more and more vocally and gesturally... Continue Reading →

1 July: Sticky Note Addict

Robert: (gazing at my desk in amazement) "It's a good thing you didn't become a surgeon." Me: "Why?" Robert: "There'd be body parts everywhere with sticky-notes on them - 'Fred Johnson's spleen,' 'Mary Smith's appendix,' and you'd be digging through... Continue Reading →

29 June: Dumbphone

Autocorrect Saga: Episode #2 The Manchester Symphony board frequently uses the acronym GARF in our e-mail and text correspondence. My phone keeps changing it to FART. Needless to say, it stinks.

23 May: Grading

My spouse (who teaches music history): "I need to find a postal meter so I can grade these term papers."

13 May: Always Proof-read

Autocorrect Saga: Episode #1 I was sending a message of gratitude to an acquaintance this evening and my phone auto-corrected the word "Wunderbar!" to "Underwear!" I'm sure glad I read the message before I hit 'send.'

25 April: Move Over Conway Twitty

I almost choked and died today. As I was eating my lunch, Emily was testing out popular styles to find the best option for singing Samuel Barber's "O Boundless Boundless Evening." I was doing okay until she landed on hardcore... Continue Reading →

23 April: AWOL Hubby

Robert: "What is it with cats? They crawl onto your lap and slap at you when they want to be petted or get a belly rub. And what do we do? We pet them - after they slap us! If... Continue Reading →

23 April: Post Vax Attitude Check

Wow. Post vax update: I was feeling okay-ish yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours, but then got slammed pretty hard for round two of chills, fever, and noodle-legs. Went home, took Ibuprofen, and crashed. That was around 8 pm... Continue Reading →

22 April: Practice Makes Perfect

PRACTICE FOR YOUR NEXT DRIVE-THRU VISIT! My spouse hates pickles. So, whenever he orders a burger, he either says "Ketchup and mustard only" or "no pickles." Simple right? Wrong. Nine times out of every 10, he ends up with mustard... Continue Reading →

11 April: Checklist

If anyone needs help forgetting stuff today, let me know. I can help. I am a pro. mask office keys scores reading glasses lunch deodorant phone umbrella brain

29 March: Test Drive

Bethany got new shoes yesterday and was so excited, she literally test drove them (walking the floor), until 4 a.m. This is life with autism, people. Sometimes ya just gotta say "Screw it. We're sleepin' in."

18 March: Maestra Ms. Clairol

It always astounds me that people take time from their busy lives to send me kind words about a performance I've conducted. What astounds me even more is the high percentage of those that comment specifically on my bouncy hair... Continue Reading →

15 March: To Wit or Not to Wit

Me: "Hey, my vaccine is next week!" Robert: "Is that a TV show?" Me: "My my, we are witty today, aren't we?" Robert: (hands me his coat) "Would you hold this for a second?" Me: (holds coat for one second,... Continue Reading →

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