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Current Projects

Current Projects

In Progress Works: Concerto for Taiko Drums (as yet untitled) -- I hope to complete this work by February of 2022. "Symphony #1" -- I hope to complete this work by August of 2021. It will be dedicated to the... Continue Reading →

Composing in French

15 March 2020 Today, I began composing my first setting of a French poem: "Demain, des l'aube" by Victor Hugo. I've set lyrics in English and Latin before, but this is quite different. As a singer, I've had classes in... Continue Reading →

Final Summer Recording Session: Completed!

15 August 2017 Our final two recording sessions for the summer occurred on Monday evening (Aug 14). First up was "Upon Thy Heart" featuring Emily Lynn (soprano), Clayton Marcum (tenor), Robert Lynn (cello) and Pamela Haynes (piano). Second: Kira Lace... Continue Reading →

Almost Done!

12 August 2017 I haven't created any blog posts for awhile, because I was "unplugged" driving through Illinois, Kansas, Utah, and Colorado, or up in the Rocky Mountains.  It was great to take a little break with family before the... Continue Reading →

Recording Sessions 8-10 Complete!

21 July 2017 This past week, Robert Lynn recorded the 2nd and 3rd movements of "Proxemics," my fiendishly difficult piece for unaccompanied cello.  Lila Hammer and Pamela Haynes also recorded all of "Manchester Sonata" for clarinet and piano. All of... Continue Reading →

7 Recording Sessions Down, 8 to Go!

17 July 2017 We're basically halfway finished with our recording sessions! We've recorded 8 out of 9 choral pieces, 2 handbell arrangements, 1 flute solo (3 movements), and the first movement of "Proxemics" for cello.  Pictured above is Robert Lynn,... Continue Reading →

Flutes and Handbells!

8 July 2017 Recording Session Three is now complete! We had a wonderful recording session with our 11-member ad hoc handbell ensemble (Debra's Ding-A-Lings) and 2 flutists. The session began with Ann Donner playing "Italian Dance Suite," a three-movement piece for... Continue Reading →

Two Choral Recording Sessions Finished!

3 July 2017 I am very pleased to report that our choral recording sessions have been going very well. A huge thank you to Haley Neilson, Tim Reed, and Grant Ebert for help with the first two sessions. We have... Continue Reading →

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