As I was leaving for my office, I told Robert to text me if he wanted anything from the store.
Two hours later — I’m deep into composer mode.
  • Robert: Bethany would probably like some banquet chicken tenders if they have them. If not, don’t get anything. Banquet tenders. Nothing else.
  • Me: Okay. Are you wanting to make that tonight, or can I get them tomorrow?
  • Robert: Scary moment — an electric glitch and the A/C quit. Came back on though. It’s hard to stop a trane.
  • Robert: Not for tonight.
  • Robert: Trane is our A/C brand. That’s their slogan.
  • Robert: Haha.
  • Robert: The chicken is not for tonight.
  • Me: I got it. All of it. The first time. but thanks for the redundancy.
  • Robert: I just want you to know, on this anniversary date, I don’t think you’re a dumb-ass.
  • Me: Wow! High praise indeed! From you, that’s better than a bouquet of flowers or a box of candy!
  • Robert: I wouldn’t mind a box of candy. Sounds good, but with my luck they would all have coconut centers.
  • Me: Happy Anniversary, Eeyore.
  • Robert: Happy anniversary to you as well. It’s been quite an adventure. I can’t wait to see what happens next.
(20 minutes later)
  • Robert: I wrote that imagining it dripping in sarcasm, but I didn’t really mean it that way.
  • Me: Sweet like chocolate, but with a hint of coconut in the center, right? I mean, I’d be pretty disappointed if there weren’t a little sarcasm in there somewhere.
  • Robert: I’m going to listen to some Vivaldi and go to bed.
  • Me: How romantic.
  • Robert: I’ve always loved Vivaldi.