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Debra Lynn's Compositional Journey


August 2021

#3 A Bird in the Hand

I had the great honor of being invited, as a mere doctoral student, to conduct the combined choirs at Ball State University in a performance of John Rutter's "Gloria" (the original version for brass, percussion, and organ). The organist for... Continue Reading →

#2 A Lucrative Freudian Slip

Part of any job interview for conductors involves directing a mock rehearsal so the potential employer and the ensemble can see your working style, pace, and problem-solving ability. It was during just such an interview for a church choir gig... Continue Reading →

#1 A Seedy Bit of Latin

I was conducting a full Mozart Requiem rehearsal (about 250 people including orcs, several area choirs, plus 4 guest soloists) when I felt the choristers weren't singing with as much conviction as I deemed necessary. So, I proceeded to give... Continue Reading →


Quincy Jones (b. 1933) Ego is just over-dressed insecurity. Greatness occurs when your children love you, when your critics respect you, and when you have peace of mind. You have to know that your real home is within. Young people... Continue Reading →

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