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Debra Lynn's Compositional Journey


Most Embarrassing Moments on the Podium

#5 Twisted Sister

At a recent MSO rehearsal, something just felt wrong. It finally started distracting me so much that I had to stop the rehearsal in order to figure out the problem. Once the room was quiet and I could hear my... Continue Reading →

#4 Is Bondage Biblical?

I almost never take medication. I have always been one of those "walk it off" types since I was a little kid. It probably comes from being a tomboy raised in a long line of athletes. Anyway, one winter, when... Continue Reading →

#3 A Bird in the Hand

I had the great honor of being invited, as a mere doctoral student, to conduct the combined choirs at Ball State University in a performance of John Rutter's "Gloria" (the original version for brass, percussion, and organ). The organist for... Continue Reading →

#2 A Lucrative Freudian Slip

Part of any job interview for conductors involves directing a mock rehearsal so the potential employer and the ensemble can see your working style, pace, and problem-solving ability. It was during just such an interview for a church choir gig... Continue Reading →

#1 A Seedy Bit of Latin

I was conducting a full Mozart Requiem rehearsal (about 250 people including orcs, several area choirs, plus 4 guest soloists) when I felt the choristers weren't singing with as much conviction as I deemed necessary. So, I proceeded to give... Continue Reading →

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