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July 2021

What’s the Score?: Episode #24 Clarinetist Lila Hammer, dedicatee of “Manchester Sonata”

Episode #24: 18 July, 2021 Clarinetist, Lila Hammer, dedicatee of "Manchester Sonata," talks about premiering several works by Debra Lynn (1:11 mins) Works Discussed: Manchester Sonata After Apple Picking A Family Portrait Kandinsky Suite I Find My Feet Have Further... Continue Reading →

Conducting as Dance

17 July, 2021 I am beginning to understand more about my lifelong fascination with dance. It stems from my deep belief in the art of conducting as a simultaneously choreographed and improvised kinetic (and kinesthetic) story-telling device. Beautiful music inspires... Continue Reading →


Meredith Monk (b. 1942) That inner voice has both gentleness and clarity. So to get to authenticity, you really keep going down to the bone, to the honesty, and the inevitability of something. I think about that 'empty" space a... Continue Reading →


Enheduanna (c. 2285-2250 BCE) I, who am I among living creatures? With your strength, my lady, teeth can crush flint. What I have done here, no one has done before. You, who in accordance with the life-giving me, Great Queen... Continue Reading →


Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953) In my view, the composer, just as the poet, the sculptor or the painter, is duty bound to serve Man, the people. He must beautify life and defend it. He must be a citizen first and foremost,... Continue Reading →

What’s the Score?: Episode #23 Drum and Fife Signals during the American Revolution

Episode #23: 4 July, 2021 Debra examines the use of Drum and Fife to convey military commands during the American Revolution. (31 mins) Suggested Links: Williamsburg Virginia Drum and Fife Mini-Documantary US Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corp Concert... Continue Reading →

Waxing Philosophical

Tidbits about composing and performing from Debra's interviews and articles. A composer's best friend is their eraser. Some people believe The Arts are dying, but if history truly repeats itself, they just need a little time to recover and grow... Continue Reading →

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