This morning, I was deeply sleeping off a rather gnarly night of composing, when I was awakened by the following…
  • Robert: What are you doing? Why are you lying there like a sack of potatoes? If you think you look cute, you’re wrong. That doesn’t work with me. I’m trying to get stuff done and you’re just splayed out all over the place. It’s annoying.
  • Me: (rolling over and opening one squinty eye to see if he’s actually in the vicinity)
  • Robert: (Loudly, from another room) Ohhhh fine! NOW you start moving! Look what you did to my papers! Hey!!!! Don’t do that to my sandal! What the heck?! Do the gods give you extra credit for being an a$$hole?
  • Me: (realizes he’s talking to one of the cats — rolls back over and konks out)