• Robert: What are you doing?


  • Me (sitting in dining room): I’m on hold with the insurance company about that EOB they sent us. Would you like to take a turn?


  • Robert: I would, but you are much better at that sort of thing.


  • Me: Yes, I’ve spent years honing this skill.

[Robert wanders into the living room]


  • Automated response on phone: Hello. Thank you for waiting. This call may be monitored for quality control purposes. Please state your name followed by your ID number.


[Robert steps on some part of a cat]
  • Cat: Hisssssss. MEOWOWOWOW!!!!
  • Robert: What the *!@#$%*&&^%!!


  • Automated response: Thank you. Please hold while we bring up your information.
I really hope the quality control people got some chuckles outa that one.