Recording session for “Triptych” to assist the dancers as they rehearse. Pictured are: Kristen Westover, violin and Robert Lynn, cello with myself and choreographer Elizabeth Mikautadze.

This violin & cello duet was commissioned by Mikautadze Dance Theatre for their 10th Anniversary Celebration concert in June of 2018.  The mission of the company includes seeking and/or creating opportunities to collaborate with artists, musicians, and composers — which is something I find truly unique and wonderful. So many dancers only work with recordings and never experience the thrill of working with live musicians.  I admire Mikautadze’s efforts to include live music in as many performances as they can.

There are three movements: I) Company, II) David & Elizabeth, and III) The Vibe.  These movements are specifically dedicated to the Mikautadze dancers and their music & artistic director-founders (David and Elizabeth Mikautadze). Elizabeth choreographed the work with a whimsical look at relationships. The premiere is in the video below.  The violinist was Kristen Westover, and the cellist was Robert Lynn.

Dancers (in order of appearance) are: Freddy Fuelling, Anne Brake, Kelsey Patnoude, and Emily Craig.


Emily Craig dancing “Triptych”
Anne Brake, Kelsey Patnoude, and Freddy Fuelling dancing “Triptych”
A trio of photos showing Emily Craig as she danced “Triptych”
Kelsey Patnoude and Anne Brake dancing “Triptych”
Freddy Fuelling, Anne Brake, and Kelsey Patnoude dancing “Triptych”