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August 2023

9 August: Sarcastic Nutrition

Me: (carrying in groceries -- third trip from the car) Bethany: (standing in the kitchen) Can I help carry the groceries? Me: (huffing and puffing) Actually, that was the last load. Bethany: (folding her arms and tapping her toe) Me:... Continue Reading →

8 August: Happy Anniversary (via text)

As I was leaving for my office, I told Robert to text me if he wanted anything from the store. Two hours later -- I'm deep into composer mode. Robert: Bethany would probably like some banquet chicken tenders if they... Continue Reading →

21 July: Hyper-Allergenic Chores

Background: Since Bethany was a little kid, she has claimed to be allergic to anything she doesn't want to do. This morning -- Me: (has a major sneezing fit while doing laundry) Bethany: Gasundheit! Me: (has another major sneezing fit... Continue Reading →

20 June: Keeping the Mystery Alive, Baby

There's a whiteboard in our kitchen that everyone adds to bit by bit -- including the cats, on occasion. Reminder, grocery shopping is new to me -- and I hate it. Nothing makes me feel less competent than the produce... Continue Reading →

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