3 July 2017

I am very pleased to report that our choral recording sessions have been going very well. A huge thank you to Haley Neilson, Tim Reed, and Grant Ebert for help with the first two sessions. We have been able to complete our work well within the allotted time frame (Time = $), and our musicians are really bringing their A-game!  With only two rehearsals they were able to perfect four choral works and make significant headway on three others.  Our amazing summer choir is made up of the following people, most of whom are volunteering their time, talents, and energy:

  • Sopranos: Debbie Chinworth, Kathy Fry-Miller, Lila Hammer, Kenzie Hare, Angelina Jung, and Judy Myers-Walls
  • Altos: Sandy Funk, Julie Garber, Katherine Haff, Haley Neilson, Mykayla Neilson, and Laura Stone
  • Tenors: Paul Fry-Miller, Steve Hammer, Clayton Marcum, Jake Svay, and Jeremy Williams
  • Basses: Grant Ebert, Matt Grothouse, Andrew Haff, Michael Rueff, and Orion Toepfer

Special Thanks to Dr. Pamela Haynes (piano), Thomas Hall (baritone solo), Kira Lace Hawkins (alto solo), and Mykayla Neilson (trumpet) for their diligent preparation, artistry, and pyro-technic virtuosity!

Additionally — the Il Quattro Men’s quartet (Matt, Clayton, Jake, and Michael — all noted above) did a wonderful job with my “Star-Spangled Banner” arrangement, and “Thomas: after seeing the wounds” featuring George Donner on oboe.

Up next (July 7): “Italian Dance Suite” (flute solo), and two handbell arrangements “Ride On, King Jesus” and “Wondrous Love” (with flute obbligato).  Stay tuned for further updates and postings of our recordings, coming soon!