17 July 2017

We’re basically halfway finished with our recording sessions! We’ve recorded 8 out of 9 choral pieces, 2 handbell arrangements, 1 flute solo (3 movements), and the first movement of “Proxemics” for cello.  Pictured above is Robert Lynn, the Shoeless Joe of cellists, in one of last week’s recording sessions.

This week’s schedule includes movement 2 of “Proxemics” for cello, and Manchester Sonata for clarinet and piano, featuring Lila Hammer and Pamela Haynes.

All that remains is one more choral piece, a trumpet sonata, the finale to “Proxemics,” a three-movement song cycle for voice and piano, and a chamber piece for soprano, tenor, cello, and piano.  Our final recording session is slated for August 14 — so the end is near!

Haley should have some completed recordings for me to post soon, so stay tuned!