8 July 2017

Recording Session Three is now complete! We had a wonderful recording session with our 11-member ad hoc handbell ensemble (Debra’s Ding-A-Lings) and 2 flutists.

The session began with Ann Donner playing “Italian Dance Suite,” a three-movement piece for unaccompanied flute.  Afterwards, Haley (recording engineer) scooped up all her equipment and we headed over to Manchester Church of the Brethren to record two handbell arrangements: “Wondrous Love” (with flutist Kathy Davis), and “Ride On, King Jesus.” We finished up 30 minutes ahead of schedule, which is never a bad thing.  You can see the concentration on everyone’s faces in the pics below.  Recording can be nerve-wracking and difficult, but everyone did great! I am so thankful to each of these people for their hard work and generosity.  I’ve mentioned our flutists, Ann and Kathy, but I want to be sure to acknowledge these terrific bell ringers: Audri Fuentes, Julie Garber, Katherine Haff, Lila Hammer, Kenzie Hare, Jeff Hunn, Robert Lynn, Michael Rueff, Laura Stone, Jake Svay, and Becky Unger.  (see photos below — click on specific images to make them larger)

Next up is my insanely difficult unaccompanied cello solo entitled “Proxemics” and two choral pieces: “Prayer for Renewal” and “Three Responsories for Tenebrae.”  Stay tuned for further updates!