15 August 2017

Our final two recording sessions for the summer occurred on Monday evening (Aug 14). First up was “Upon Thy Heart” featuring Emily Lynn (soprano), Clayton Marcum (tenor), Robert Lynn (cello) and Pamela Haynes (piano).

Second: Kira Lace Hawkins (mezzo-soprano), and Pamela Haynes (piano) recorded my song cycle “Three Days.”  It is a setting of three poems by Madeleine L’Engle from the perspective of Mary, the Mother of Jesus during each of the three days from the crucifixion to the resurrection of Christ.

What a lovely experience this has been.  So many wonderful musicians took part in this process. Every single one of them brought their own unique tone, technique, and interpretation to the studio — and it was a beautiful thing to witness.  I hope they all enjoyed it as much as I did.  I am humbled and honored by their hard work and dedication.

I didn’t get photos of the first recording session, but Clayton Marcum kindly took some for me during the second one.  Click images below to enlarge and see captions for each. Enjoy!  Recordings will be posted soon, so stay tuned!