12 August 2017

I haven’t created any blog posts for awhile, because I was “unplugged” driving through Illinois, Kansas, Utah, and Colorado, or up in the Rocky Mountains.  It was great to take a little break with family before the academic year kicks into gear full time.

Just before I left town, our wonderful recording chorus met one last time to record “The Wise Men,” an SSAATBB piece featuring a men’s trio.  It was definitely the most complex of my choral compositions we’ve recorded this summer.  These folks did an amazing job preparing and recording it, though.  I am so proud of them all!

Now, only two more sessions to go on Monday, and then Danny Belcher will record my Keats Cycle in October!  We are very close to completing the recording phase of this project. Haley is already working diligently on phase 2, which is editing, mixing, and producing the recordings, which we will post as they are completed! Stay tuned!

Here is a photo of the wonderful singers who have been in on most of the choral recordings this summer.  The only people not pictured are Lila and Steve Hammer, who could not attend this particular session.  Also not pictured are Kira Hawkins and Thomas Hall, who served as soloists for our recording of “I Got Shoes.” Everyone else was present for this session so I just had to get a photo before we all went our separate ways!

Row 4 (L to R): Kenzie Hare, Freddie Lapierre, Andrew Haff, and Paul Fry-Miller.  Row 3 (L to R): Debbie Chinworth, Michael Rueff, Tony Zinich, Clayton Marcum, and Katherine Haff.  Row 2 (L to R): Pamela Haynes (pianist), Judy Myers-Walls, Kathy Fry-Miller, Jake Svay, Sandy Funk, Laura Stone, and Julie Garber. Row 1 (L to R): Angelina Jung, Eric Reichenbach (soloist), Grant Ebert (soloist), Matt Grothouse (soloist), Mykayla Neilson, and Haley Neilson (singer and recording engineer).

Summer 2017 Recording Chorus
Our wonderful chorus for the Summer 2017 Recording Sessions! I am so full of gratitude when I look at these beautiful faces.
Summer 2017 Recording Chorus (silly shot)
It’s a rule: You cannot take a “serious” choir photo without also taking a “silly shot.” This is our silly shot — and I usually like these better than the just plain smiley ones.