Robert loves war movies and documentaries, and I think Bethany must have watched a few with him lately. This was our conversation Friday evening.
  • Me: Say Beth, can you slip your shoes on and run this trash out to the barrel for me?
  • Bethany: (peering out across the driveway with her hand above her eyes) Under cover of darkness, eh?
  • Me: Yeah. I think it will be safer that way.
  • Bethany: Good thinking. We don’t want anybody stealing our garbage.
  • Me: No. We can’t have any of that. (Handing her the bag of trash) Here ya go. Be careful. That’s top secret stuff in there.
  • Bethany: (clicking her heels and saluting) Aye-aye Sarge. You can count on me. I won’t letcha down. (Exits house and marches to the curb, deposits trash, marches back)
  • Me: (doubled over laughing while she’s out of the house)
  • Bethany: (walks in kitchen, clicks heels and salutes again) Mission accomplished, Sarge. We’ll live to fight another day.
  • Me: (salutes back) Well done. I’ll have to give you a medal.
  • Bethany: (wiping her brow) Whew! I’m pooped! Can I just have a drink of water instead?