Preface: I struggle with several spatially related issues, one of which includes having absolutely no sense regarding which Tupperware lid fits what container. It’s a source of great delight for Robert who runs toward the kitchen every time he hears me rooting around the lid bin. Does he come running with the heroic purpose of offering aid? Heck no. He just loves to watch the spectacle. Such was the case yesterday.

  • Me: (cussing under my breath at the vast array of lids that never seem to fit the container I already filled)
  • Robert: (a ray of sunlight descends upon his noble brow) You realize – don’t you? – that the red lids go with the rounded corner bowls and the blue lids go with the square cornered bowls.
  • Me: What? (In utter disbelief because we’ve had these bowls for many years) I don’t think it’s that simple.
  • Robert: Trust me. You can rely on that. It is an absolute.
  • Me: (Skeptically grabs red lid. Tries it on rounded corner bowl. It fits perfectly.) Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.
  • Robert: Take comfort. Even as Covid rages across the globe, although Trump is still out there somewhere, and climate change is melting glaciers before our eyes – Yea verily, even in these dark days one fact remains unchanged: the red lid will always fit that bowl.


Thus spake the Robert.

So let it be written. So let it be done.