Preface – Sometimes I forget I married a person who never got into pop music. I kid you not, the first record he bought as an adolescent was a Beethoven Symphony. He’s heard of The Beatles, but he can’t tell you their names or the titles of their songs.
  • Me: Olivia Newton-John passed away.
  • Robert: Who?
  • Me: You know, the pop singer.
  • Robert: (looks at me incredulously)
  • Me: Didn’t you ever see Grease or Xanadu?
  • Robert: So, this is just one person?
  • Me: Yeah. She sang “Let’s Get Physical” and “I Honestly Love You.” Olivia Newton-John!
  • Robert: Nope. Never heard of her. I could have sworn you said “Olivia, Newt, n’ John.”
  • Me: 🤦‍♀️