Prologue/Update: I have been in my room since Friday morning, except for masked trips to the bathroom. Emily has a major opera gig coming up in July and I’m not about to risk getting her sick – so, here we are. Robert and I communicate via text messages these days. It’s quite romantic. Hildy the cat appears concerned/confused and refuses to leave my side except for some kibble snacking and her own litter box needs. She’s sorta making me nuts.

Today’s texts started this way.
  • Me: Five days total isolation, right? I’ve got three down, with two to go, right? I’m tired of laying down.
  • Robert: There’s a chair in there isn’t there?
  • Me: Yes, there is… a very hard chair. My spine loves it, but my arse is of a different opinion.
  • Robert: It will help you appreciate lying down.
My spouse is an empathetic wonder.