• Robert: If Jesus smoked, what brand d’ya think he would choose?
  • Me: Nobody smoked back then, did they? That started like 1,000 years later, right?
  • Robert: Well, supposing he was a smoker, what brand?
  • Me: Hmmmm he lived on roots and berries and he loved his mother, so perhaps Virgin-ia Slims?
  • Robert: Nah… I figure he’d be more of the KOOL sort.
  • Me: You don’t think he’d make a good Marlboro Man?
  • Robert: [suddenly, it dawns on him] Oh! Duh! He was Jesus! He would have smoked Camels!

aaaaand there ya have it.

I just hope you folks sleep a little better at night, knowing Robert and I are up solving the most important philosophical questions of the universe.