Bedtime at the Lynn house on Friday —

  • Bethany: (comes out of her room singing) “Ta-ra-ra-BOOM- dee-ay!” (Spoken) “Hey mom, I’m ready for my bedtime pill!”

  • Me: “My goodness, you are in a spunky mood.”
  • Bethany: (filling a glass with water) “Yep. I’m ready to belly up to the bar!”
  • Me: (choking, holding back laughter) “Is there somethin’ special in that water?”
  • Bethany: “Of course, but I’m not sharing, so just walk away, Sister.” (Pops bedtime pill into her mouth) “Bottoms up!” (Drinks entire glass in one gulp, high fives me on her way out of the kitchen, and resumes singing) “Ta-ra-ra-BOOM-dee-ay….”

(autism can’t stop this cool kid)