Enheduanna (c. 2285-2250 BCE)

  • I, who am I among living creatures?
  • With your strength, my lady, teeth can crush flint.
  • What I have done here, no one has done before.
  • You, who in accordance with the life-giving me, Great Queen of Queens, have become greater than your mother who gave birth to you. You came forth from the Holy Womb; knowing, wise, queen of all the lands, who multiplies living creatures and peoples. I have uttered your Holy song.
  • The kingship of heaven has been seized by the woman.
  • You are known by your heaven-like height. You are known by your earth-like breadth. You are known by your fierce countenance. You are known by your flashing eyes. You are known by your many triumphs.
  • What comes in cannot be equaled. What goes out never ceases.

Note from Debra: For what it’s worth, I have a cat named Enheduanna. We call her Heddy for short. She’s a scrappy little ragamuffin, but we love her.