Episode #5: 27 September, 2020.  Part 2 of 2 — Debra continues her discussion with Dr. Pamela Haynes, pianist and co-dedicatee of the song cycle “Your John Keats.” Together, they explore Pamela’s view of the cycle from the piano bench, and how she interprets the pianist’s role in this musical story told through the English Romantic poet’s love letters with added insight into Debra’s experience as composer. (44 mins duration)

For those interested in score study, go to “Your John Keats” for more detailed commentary (organized by movement) from Debra and Dr. Haynes relating directly to the score. “Your John Keats” is available for purchase through JWPepper.

Recommended Listening:

  • “Cuban Overture” composed by George Gershwin. Recorded excerpts from ” Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue” by The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, conducted by James Levine, 2007.