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What’s the Score?: Episode #22 Stravinsky’s thematic use of thirds in “The Firebird”

Episode #22: 27 June, 2021 Debra offers a thematic walk-through of Igor Stravinsky's ballet "The Firebird" with particular attention to his use of thirds as a compositional building block. (55 mins) Terms: Arpeggio Chromaticism col legno Diminished Pentatonic Round Dance... Continue Reading →

What’s the Score?: Episode #14 The Collaborative Mission of Mikautadze Dance Theatre

Episode #14: 7 Dec 2020. Debra interviews David and Elizabeth Mikautadze, founders and directors of Mikautadze Dance Theatre, a Graham-based modern dance company in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They'll discuss MDT's unique focus on collaboration with composers and other creatives inspired... Continue Reading →

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